Travel to Empower


 Have you ever wanted to travel around the world and explore the different cultures the different traditions, and customs? Well how about their beliefs systems, their fears and their dreams of what could be, if they only believe?

What if you could touch the lives of people who have gone through extreme hardship, and take them out of their misery by merely having a simple conversation with them.

And what if these simple conversations could transform their lives to help them to achieve  living an Empowered life NOW, by living the past behind.

My name is Alicia Ramos and I am an Empowerment Leader for Empowered Generations in Los Angeles, CA.

It has been my dream to travel the world, and touch lives of different cultures, backgrounds, and religions. To understand their extreme hardships, and to help transform their lives to live one that is empowered.

I too, have gone through extreme hardship and trauma growing up, being raised within a drug induced environment, where I witness death, erratic behavior, neglect, abuse, depression, and abandonment.

Growing up, I had been unconsciously scarred and traumatized by the events and circumstances of my past, that I took a deep appreciation for philosophy, tolerance, understanding, and personal development.

Through this I was able to understand where I came from and recognize where I am going. I hold the belief that past does not dictate your future, that we are the rightful owners of our lives, and we make the decision on how we want to live it.

Our past does not define who we are, and we have every right to live an Empowered life NOW.

My goal now is to travel the world and bring my teachings internationally to UK, Paris, Singapore, Bali, Spain, Italy, Russia, South Africa, and Australia. Teaching and helping to empower the lives that have also gone through a traumatic upbringing, by sharing the tools and techniques I’ve learned through my own experiences.

I have helped hundreds of clients in the US alone, and now I want to help internationally expanding my reach. Giving daily motivation to thousands via instagram @ empowered_generations

Help me make a bigger impact, by empowering the lives of those who still striving for something better, Let’s help them leave the past behind and live an empowered life NOW!
You can follow my journey on my blog page, through my vlog,twitter or e-mail list. Where I will give you insight and tip and tricks for personal self-empowerment.
And if you are in anyone of the locations, or have been please feel free to give me recommendations or meet up with me in person for a chat!
Please don’t forget to share and donate!!
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