Take the Challenge: Learn about a different culture

Why is it important to understand the different dynamics of cultures?

Have you ever attracted someone that you were so eager to help but you knew nothing of their culture? Or you had an idea about it but didn’t know how to effectively communicate without offending them.

Many times, we attract people that are exactly like us, were we need little or no effort to understand them.

But what if you are looking to expand your network?

The truth is most cultures are different from one another, and some are the same. By understanding different cultures and the dynamics that play an important part in them, allows us to effectively communicate with people amongst the culture and create a greater rapport.

When we understand different cultures, we give ourselves the opportunity to expand our knowledge, awareness, and tolerance among them. Not only does it strengthen our relationships,but  it allows us a better serve them in the future.

When we understand different cultures, we have the ability to not only serve them, but to understand ourselves as an individual as well.


TAKE THE CHALLENGE: Learn something new about a culture that is different from your own.


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